SOTD – Donner Lake

Hello all! Hope you all are having a great Father’s Day. It was my aunt’s birthday earlier this month and we went to Donner Lake for some relaxation and BBQ. Donner Lake is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to do a full post about it next. For now, here’s a SOTD. Have a good day! 


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SOTD – Pinecrest Lake

Just like FPOD, SOTD is simply just “shot of the day“. I’ve been posting nothing but food lately, so why not share this beautiful shot with you all? 

Yesterday, my family and I took a quick spontaneous trip to Pinecrest and I was so happy we did. Such a beautiful sight to see and we all had a nice, relaxing time. 

I’ll be doing a full post and maybe a vlog on this mini trip later this week.