FPOD – The Picnic Basket

Over the weekend, I went to Santa Cruz (it was SO hot) with my family. Before leaving, we decided to stop at The Picnic Basket – which was right across the street from the boardwalk. I ordered the Picnic Basket salad (which was okay, nothing really special), and Mr. Hani ordered the breakfast burrito (shown above).  

I believe he told me that this didn’t have any meat – only potatoes, beans, cheese and shredded cabbage. It came with a sauce which the Mr. enjoyed and said it gave a nice tang and a more unique taste. 


SOTD – Donner Lake

Hello all! Hope you all are having a great Father’s Day. It was my aunt’s birthday earlier this month and we went to Donner Lake for some relaxation and BBQ. Donner Lake is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to do a full post about it next. For now, here’s a SOTD. Have a good day! 


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